UserGuide: Installation of LionWiki 2.X

This is installation guide for the obsolete LionWiki 2.X. See UserGuide: Installation for installation of current versions of LionWiki.

1) Core LionWiki on Unix(Edit)

This one is simple too:

  • copy index.php to the destination folder
  • in the same directory, create directories pages and history and make them writable (for example by command chmod 777 pages history)
  • (Not neccessary but recommended) - edit index.php and find string $WIKI_TITLE and set it to anything you want. There are some other options (explained in UserGuide: Configuration) on which you can take a look too.

That's it, you can view your site from web browser.

Unfortunately, it's not that simple here. Some plugins need to store permanent data, that means they need some writable files or directories.

Luckily, we have two helpers:

  •, Unix Bourne shell script, which does everything you need. If you can run shell scripts, it's the easiest way to install LionWiki. (Note: shell scripts are often potentially harmful and you should be careful about what you run. But in this case you don't need to worry. This one is very simple so you can check it yourself :))
  • Install plugin. This helper doesn't do anything instead of you, it only detects potential problems and writes solution. After everything is ok, you must delete it (located in plugins/wkp_Install.php).